Dynamax Sports Professional Tennis Net Single Series 400

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All Dynamax Sports tennis nets are tapered to meet industry standard and are engineered to withstand and direct sun and moisture.  

  • 3.0 mm Polyethylene black net body
  • 3.5'h at ends tapered to 3' at middle
  • 42' in width
  • 38 oz. HD reinforced vinyl with 4 rows of lock stitched headband
  • 1/4" diameter, vinyl-coated steel cable
  • Fiberglass end sticks for even tension
  • Side and bottom HD vinyl-coated tapes
  • Includes center strap


Dynamax Sports Professional Tennis Net Single Series 400 is made of 3.0 mm., braided polyethylene to meet the strength and aesthetic requirements of our customers. Braided tennis net bodies last much longer than twisted cord tennis nets because they are stronger and better absorb tennis ball impact. Polyethylene is a great material for extending tennis nets' life time because it is naturally UV resistant and does not absorb water. 

Dynamax Sports Professional Tennis Net Single Series 400 has 38 oz. HD reinforced vinyl with top four rows of lock stitched headband to hold the layers together. Generally, vinyl headbands are used to soft courts because they’re easier to clean and more dirt resistant.

At Dynamax Sports, we manufacture our tennis nets using the most stringent industry standards, with high quality and performance to meet your particular needs. The threads, headbands, cable and stitching are all tested for the maximum strength and longevity. 


Is This Net Right For You?

This economical tennis net is commonly used at apartment or public tennis courts.