About Us

Just For Nets, a division of Lee Fisher International Inc., has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality nets since 1982. The company is a major supplier of net products in use throughout the nation, region, and the world.

The sport nets provided meet all standards from little league through professional sports. Our selection of sporting nets covers golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, football, lacrosse, hockey, tennis and volleyball. We are also making industrial net like agriculture nets, warehouse pallet rack nets ,Railing/ Dugout nets, and drone nets. We customize all sizes windscreen and Privacy screen too. You can visit Lee Fisher International for a wide fishing net selections. The diversity of our product line assists in meeting the needs of the recreational user as well as those at a competitive level.



Just For Nets
4817 N Lois Ave, STE 104
Tampa, FL 33614
Mon - Fri 8:30 am to 5 pm ET