JFN Heavy Duty Cricket Outdoor Practice Cages with flap door, Black

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  •  Black
  • #36 Twisted Knotted Nylon netting
  • Mesh size of 1-7/8"
  • Reinforced with a 5/16" rope border
  • Central ceiling rope at top panel
  • Bowling end is left open with a flat door panel for easy access
  • Multiple bays cage available

JFN Cricket Practice Outdoor Cages are made from #36 Twisted Knotted Nylon netting. The cricket cage nets are all hung on the square with a mesh size of 1-7/8". Each cricket cage is reinforced with a 5/16" rope border with a central ceiling rope at top panel for keeping top of the cage sagging. This Black outdoor Cricket Nets are UV and weather treated to last year round outdoors. They commonly are used by batsmen and bowlers to practice their cricketing techniques. They consist of a cricket pitch enclosed by netting on either side, behind, and above and the bowling end is left open with a flat door panel.

JFN Cricket Nets are fundamental to cricket practice and are used at every level of the game. This is also the same netting found in many commercial training facilities and most high school and college fields.


Size Recommendation:

Cricket Cage should be no less than 9 ft. wide, with 12 ft. being optimum.

If the nets are under 24 ft. long, they should be at least 9 ft. high; if under 36 ft. long, at least 10 ft. high; and 12 ft. high if longer than 36 ft. long. This prevents balls ending up touched the roof of the nets when bowled. The length is less critical, but the longer the safer.


Break Test:

#36 Nylon, 1-7/8" Square Mesh - 365 lb.


Handling days: 7 -10 business days

All orders are custom made to order, so please allow 7 - 10 business days for production before shipping. If you have any specific instruction, please leave a note or email to sales@justfornets.com. Thanks!