JFN #36 Pallet Rack Nets with Overlock Stitched Rope Border- Returned/ Unused

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  • #36 Twisted Knotted Nylon netting
  • 1-7/8" Square Mesh 
  • Reinforced with a 5/16" Rope Border
  • One Spring Clip at each corner
  • Made to order in the USA

JFN #36 Pallet Rack Nets are made from 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon. Black net is coated with tar so t is UV and Weather Treated to last outdoors. JFN #36 Pallet Rack Nets are all hung on the square with a mesh size of 1-7/8". Each JFN #36 Pallet Rack Nets is reinforced with a 5/16" rope border with a spring clip at each corner. JFN #36 Pallet Rack Nets is made to order in the USA. 

Break Test 
#36 Nylon, 1-7/8" Square Mesh - 365 lb.


If you have any specific instruction, please leave a note or email to sales@justfornets.com. Thanks!


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